Blockchain technology has unlocked a new wave of opportunities never seen in the world before. In basic terms, blockchain can be described as an immutable digital ledger distributed among a network of computers that validates transactions and holds the records. As a result, blockchain has revolutionized the way we invest and transact by ensuring decentralization, security, and transparency.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have been around at least since 2014, but they only grew in popularity recently, and still, they are far away from what we can expect from the technology in the long run.

Traditionally, digital assets have been replicable…

The first NFT project appeared in the market in 2017. The ERC721 token standard came into effect in early 2018. Since then, for the past three-four years, the growth of non-fungible tokens as a technological paradigm has captured both the investors’ and the crypto enthusiasts’ imagination. 2020 saw a phenomenal rise in the entire crypto market, and that growth inspired the sub-domain of NFTs to grow in a much bigger way, exponentially almost.

If you are wondering how big a growth it has been, the market for NFTs registered a growth percentage anywhere between 1785% and 2100% during the first…

The adoption of blockchain technology has had an impact on a lot of industries. However, it has specifically seen, as of recently, a lot of growth when it comes to specific digital collectibles that cannot be replicated, or what we know as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These fan-tokens are driving extreme growth within the professional sports world across the entire globe, and both the fans as well as the athletes in question have a truly unique chance to mutually benefit from them.

Exclusivity and memorabilia go hand-in-hand when it comes to supporting fans of any athlete or sport out there, and…

The NFT space has been growing at a similar, if not higher, pace as compared to the early days of cryptocurrencies.

While cryptocurrencies are also thought of as digital tokens, NFTs bring more value to this basic digitalized concept by representing a unique asset.

In essence, NFTs are non-fungible tokens that represent the same value in a digital ecosystem as carried by the underlying asset in real life. The asset is represented digitally through some characteristics known as metadata that uniquely identifies the asset.

It’s the non-fungible property of NFTs that distinguishes them from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Fungible items…

At Blockasset, we’ve made buying athlete-verified NFT’s a quick, simple, and user-friendly process. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of buying, storing, and selling NFTs then please read on.

Quick guide — (full in depth guide below)

You can use mobile, but we don’t recommend it!

Blockasset is an upcoming athlete NFT platform and marketplace, built on Solana. Blockasset aims to bridge the gap between athletes and their fans with athlete-verified exclusive NFTs and fan experiences.

Athlete NFTs are now a multi-million dollar industry that enables sports enthusiasts to immortalize sporting moments and interact with athletes 1–1. Unlike tangible sports cards and memorabilia that can be easily faked, digital sports cards & artwork NFTs are securely minted on the blockchain, tracking and storing the ownership & authenticity of the item.

Darren Till signs his deal with Blockasset

UFC Middleweight Darren Till has announced his first NFT collection with Blockasset, a new athlete-only NFT platform.

The Darren Till NFT collection will appear exclusively on the Blockasset platform, giving UFC fans the chance to not only own the NFT asset, but also gain ownership of the exclusive rewards written into the NFT via smart contract. More details on the rewards will be released soon, but Blockasset can confirm that the rewards will include, but are not limited to, a meet and greet with Darren & VIP tickets to Darren’s next fight.

Athlete NFTs are now a multi-million dollar industry…


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