UFC Welterweight Ian “The Future” Garry Joins Blockasset

Ian Garry won his first UFC fight against Jordan Williams at UFC 268

The next big Irish star in mixed martial arts is now a part of the Blockasset roster of athletes. Ian “The Future” Garry will be signing with Blockasset, with his personal NFT collection and athlete social token also going live on our platform soon!

Ian’s Background

There was a lot of hype surrounding “The Future” when he signed with the UFC last year. With a string of highlight-reel finishes starting his career mixed with an exciting personality, Garry has all the makings of a potential star in the sport of MMA.

Born and raised in Ireland, the 24-year-old mixed martial artist has always dreamt of being a world champion fighter. When he was in college, he made the bold choice to drop out and pursue his dream full-time, much to the chagrin of his mother. She even once told him in a letter “being the next Conor McGregor is not a f****** plan.” Nevertheless, he embarked on a journey that would lead him to where he is now, on the cusp of stardom.

Making his professional debut in 2019 with the Cage Warriors promotion, Ian Garry quickly would let everyone know that he was the real deal. In 7 Cage Warriors fights, Garry would finish 5 of them via an array of spectacular finishes; submissions, head kicks and punches, he is one of the most balanced young fighters in the world. At 7-0-0 professionally, the UFC decided that “The Future” was now, and signed Garry to a contract in 2021.

In November 2021 Ian Garry made his debut for the world’s biggest fight promotion at UFC 268. Performing under the world-famous lights in Madison Square Garden, Ian did what he’s always dreamed of. He dominated Jordan Williams, knocking him out in the first round.

Next for Ian Garry is another huge fight card, UFC 273 in Jacksonville, Florida on April 9. Garry will be going against Darian Weeks, with “The Future” making the jump to the pay per view card in just his second UFC fight. This goes to show the confidence the UFC has in him becoming a star for the company sooner than later in his young career.

The best way to show that you think Ian or other young fighters will become stars? Invest in them! With athlete social tokens coming to the Blockasset platform. Invest in Ian Garry and all your other favourite athletes, and earn unique, exclusive rewards for doing so!
Tune in to see Ian fight on April 9th and stay tuned for announcements about his NFT drop and social token!

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