Smesh Bros NFT mint — everything you need to know

What is the Smesh Bros NFT mint all about?

We will be launching our Smesh Bros NFT Collection on April 8 2022, consisting of the most popular duo in world sport right now, UFC stars, Khamzat Chimaev and Darren Till.

Khamzat and Till star in our own Smesh Bros YouTube series, with almost 5million views, check it out!

The Smesh Bros NFT collection is our flagship collection incorporating athlete social tokens.

The artwork has been completed by the one and only Dosbrak and will be randomly generated across all the NFTs. The NFT you mint will be random, either Till or Khamzat, as are the traits on the NFT.

What are Athlete Tokens?

Athlete tokenisation allows fans to connect with athletes in a way that is mutually beneficial to both.

Athlete’s social tokens can be exchanged for various priceless experiences & memorabilia, including:

  • Training sessions
  • Meet and greets
  • Sporting event tickets
  • Signed sportswear and memorabilia
  • Athlete content governance
  • And much more

Through these tokens, fan communities will be built up with a unique reward system that incentivises both the athlete and fans to drive growth and thus creating value for holders. Read our Athlete Token reveal article for further information.

Darren Till NFTs, part of the Smesh Bros Collection

What are the utilities of the Smesh Bros NFTs?

Each fighter’s NFT will have attributes/traits; some are rarer than others. The rarity of the NFT determines how many $BORZ (Khamzat Chimaev’s Token) or $TILL (Darren Till’s Token) you will get through staking (locking up) that NFT. The mechanics of the token distribution and the number of tokens distributed will be revealed very soon (prior to mint), keep an eye on our socials for updates.

The athlete tokens received through staking the NFT will be redeemable in the athlete’s own experience store (coming soon!). Each athlete’s token will soon go live on Blockasset’s athlete token marketplace, where you can buy, sell & trade the tokens. By purchasing the NFT you are getting access to the tokens first, before anyone else!

Holding the NFT also gives some immediate perks:

  • Raffle entry for 2x meet and greets + ringside tickets at their next fight
  • Early access to Smesh Bros content

These are Blockasset’s first athlete tokens, (the first of many) so in obtaining your Smesh Bro’s NFT you become a pioneer in the world of social tokens.

The corresponding athlete tokens will be released in Q2 2022, so hold on tight to your NFT until the tokens are released. All athlete tokens will be backed and traded against $BLOCK on the Blockasset DEX to be released later.


Phase 1 — Presale

  • Redemption of Mint Token: 1st April (Time to be determined)
  • Price: 1.69 SOL
  • Snapshot of Token: 4th April
  • Pre-sale NFT mint opens: 6th April (Time and URL to be confirmed)
  • Where:

In phase one all Legends NFT set holders (holding all 5 Legends) were eligible for guaranteed mint via our presale, at a price of 1.69 SOL.

The pre-sale has now closed.

If you have secured your pre-sale, here’s how to obtain your NFT:

  1. We will upload your whitelisted pre-sale wallet address to our minting mechanism. On April 1st you can pay 1.69 SOL to redeem your pre-sale token.
  2. On the 4th of April, we will take a snapshot of all wallets holding the pre-sale token, we recommend moving your token to a burner wallet for safety, leaving it there for the snapshot and then mint from that wallet.
  3. With your address with the token whitelisted, we will provide guaranteed mint for free for the NFT which you can redeem at on 6th April.

A small number of NFTs will be made available to Blockasset partners, athletes and team members at this stage.

Phase 2 — Whitelist

Whitelist 1: Solana Bluechip Community

We’ve been lucky enough to work with two of the biggest NFT influencers on the Solana NFT space in SOL Legend and Doc Hollywood for this upcoming drop.

As part of this partnership, we have offered a limited number of WL spots to other Solana communities at a mint price of 1.69 SOL. In doing so we are bringing fresh new eyes to the project from a number of blue-chip communities, who will support the mint and join the Blockasset community.

As this is the first mint of the Blockasset athlete social token era we felt it was incredibly important to raise as much awareness as possible, and in giving bluechip Solana NFT communities WL access, we are able to educate key players in the Solana NFT space on what Blockasset and our community are all about, setting us up for success as we unveil new NFTs and athletes over the coming weeks and months.

Whitelist 2: BLOCK stakers and Legends NFT holders

  • Wallet snapshot: Monday 4th April 12:00 UTC
  • Mint Date: Friday 8th April (Time to be determined)
  • Price: 2.50 SOL
  • Wallet Limit: 3
  • Where:

Here’s how to secure a whitelist spot:

  • To be eligible for the WL all you need to do is stake at least 1000 BLOCK or hold or stake a Legend NFT.
  • Legends owners(held/staked) and BLOCK stakers are eligible for whitelist spots on a first come first serve basis at a discounted mint price of 2.5 SOL.
  • Legends holders will receive one WL spot regardless of the number of Legends held or staked. One whitelist spot can mint a maximum of 3 times.
  • BLOCK stakers will receive one whitelist spot provided they have staked at least 1000 or more BLOCK tokens. One whitelist spot can mint a maximum of 3 times.

All you need to do is stake BLOCK or hold a Legend and we will take a snapshot of all wallets at 12:00 UTC Monday, April 4. Your wallet will then be eligible for a discounted Smesh Bros NFT mint.

Please note the whitelist is oversubscribed, so please be on time for the mint as it is first come first serve.

You can also win WL spots from various competitions running on our socials and Discord

Phase 3 — Public

Any remaining NFTs after pre-sale and whitelist sale will go to the public on April 8, 2022. Users will be able to mint at The public mint time will be confirmed.

Stay up to date on all Smesh Bros news on Blockasset socials.





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▪️ Athlete NFT ecosystem ▪️ Connecting fans with athletes ▪️ Powered by Solana ▪️ Join our Telegram community

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▪️ Athlete NFT ecosystem ▪️ Connecting fans with athletes ▪️ Powered by Solana ▪️ Join our Telegram community

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