NFT staking version 2 is now live

The time has come!

Our Legends staking overhaul is here. We’re excited to be working with Solana hackathon winners, Cardinal on the new staking platform. We’ve worked closely with Cardinal over the previous weeks to create a staking solution that the community can be proud of. Please and give them a shout out for the incredible support they’ve shown our dev team. We’ll continue to work with Cardinal to build out the most innovative staking platform on Solana, we’re already working on something special for Version 3!

So, what is Version 2 and why is it better?

We wanted to build a staking solution that is first and foremost easy to use and a great experience, we’re welcoming mainstream sports fans into our ecosystem, so UX always comes first. As we know, there were a few pain points in the previous version, we heard your feedback and have made changes to ensure staking is now both smooth and simple.

Here’s what’s new:

  • NFTs will remain in your wallet when staked but will appear as ‘locked’
  • Real-time rewards display increasing per second
  • You can now un-stake 1 NFT at a time
  • Only 1 transaction to approve per NFT
  • Rarity Reward disparity increased to 8–24 ASSET
  • How much each NFT is earning is also on display

Things to note:

Total rewards shown will be a combination of all ASSET earned from all NFTs staked, however, you can select multiple NFTs to claim the rewards on all, there will be one transaction to approve per NFT so it’s not optimal to claim often.

If the staking action times out and does not confirm in 30 seconds, please ensure you are checking for the Phantom pop up to approve the transaction, if this doesn’t come and it times out, this is a Solana network issue so please repeat the process and it should work.

Of course, we will work to improve NFT staking further based on your feedback, so please do leave your comments in our Discord and they’ll be passed to the dev team.

The update is now live and you can stake your NFTs as usual on the . If you already have NFTs staked from V1 you will need to un-stake and then re-stake your NFTs

Smesh Bros and BLOCK staking update

As we know, Smesh Bros NFT holders will earn $BORZ and $TILL tokens once they are released, were still some time away from the tokens being launched. We’re working on getting something out in the meantime, so hold on tight!

BLOCK staking V2 is almost ready, please keep an eye out on socials for any announcements, it won’t be long now.

Stay up to date on all on Blockasset socials.

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