Mint Usyk’s NFT Collection in BLOCK

USYK NFT collection will be LIVE soon on Magic Eden

Yes, you read that right. Due to the success of last week’s sold-out Leon Edwards BLOCK NFT drop, Oleksandr Usyk’s NFT collection will now be available to mint in BLOCK, too!
The objective of this USYK NFT drop is to raise funds for the Usyk Foundation to help with humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Following Usyk’s dominant win over Anthony Joshua on August 20th in Saudi Arabia, we are now utilizing the power of BLOCK to fulfil that goal!

The minting of Usyk’s NFT collection in BLOCK will commence on Tuesday, August 23rd from 12 PM UTC onwards and will last until the collection sells out. With just over 45% of NFTs left to be minted, the Blockasset team is firmly behind the idea of selling out the entire collection and not cutting off the supply.

With rumours circulating in the boxing media that an Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship bout between Usyk and Tyson Fury is already being planned (the first such fight in more than 22 years), this is your final chance to mint an Usyk NFT at public sale.

The options to purchase the USYK NFT via USDC and Crossmint, will be removed just before the minting in BLOCK becomes available. The Usyk mint price in BLOCK will remain fixed at 2500 BLOCK, regardless of the variations in the price of BLOCK until the collection sells out.

Funds for USYK’s foundation will come directly from the company funds and NO $BLOCK will be sold to cover the costs. Blockasset will continue to burn $BLOCK on any opportunity we get, to decrease the circulating supply further.

For more information please read our FAQ below.

Q. What do I need in my Solana wallet to mint USYK NFTs in BLOCK?
A. You would need a minimum of 2500 BLOCK & a small amount of SOL (0.1 SOL) to mint a USYK NFT.

Q. Where can I mint USYK NFTs in BLOCK?
A. The minting will take place on

Q. Will the mint be cross-chain?
A. USYK NFT mint will no longer be cross-chain.

Q. What secondary market will the Usyk NFTs be listed on?
A. USYK NFT collection will be verified & listed on Magic Eden later this week.

Q. Where can I buy $BLOCK?
A. You can buy $BLOCK on,, Official Blockasset website & swap page (links below)

Q. Will I get enough time to unstake the BLOCK from staking hub & use that to mint the USYK NFTs?
A. Yes, the cooldown period for BLOCK unstaking has been reduced to 24 hours. So, you can unstake your BLOCK and use that to mint USYK NFTs.

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