Introducing Blockasset — a new athlete NFT Platform built on Solana

Blockasset is an upcoming athlete NFT platform and marketplace, built on Solana. Blockasset aims to bridge the gap between athletes and their fans with athlete-verified exclusive NFTs and fan experiences.

Athlete NFTs are now a multi-million dollar industry that enables sports enthusiasts to immortalize sporting moments and interact with athletes 1–1. Unlike tangible sports cards and memorabilia that can be easily faked, digital sports cards & artwork NFTs are securely minted on the blockchain, tracking and storing the ownership & authenticity of the item.

How Blockaset will bridge the gap between fans and athletes

Our athletes

Blockasset has already announced an impressive roster of athletes with NFT collections coming soon, these include:

Darren Till — UFC Middleweight

Leon Edwards — UFC Welterweight

Terence Crawford — Undisputed boxing Welterweight Champion

David Trezeguet — France and Juventus soccer legend

Giorgio Chiellini — Italy and Juventus Captain

The Blockasset athlete roster

Blockasset is continuously in contact with world-class athletes and the world’s top sports agencies. Blockasset will announce a number of new elite athletes in the coming weeks.

Blockasset NFTs

With Blockasset NFT’s, physical rewards are added to the NFT smart contracts. Real-world perks can include meet & greets, personal training sessions, signed sportswear, match tickets, video airdrops, and much more.

With Blockasset NFTs, athletes profit from the initial sale of the item, in addition to collecting a royalty on future transactions. This allows athletes to monetize their brand and profit from a successful career long after retirement.

Blockasset works with athletes to ensure the NFT artwork and corresponding extras meet the athletes’ high standards. All athletes are paired with artists of their choosing, this ensures that all NFTs artworks are unique to the athlete, telling the story of the athlete as never seen before.

NFTs on Blockasset also provide athletes like the recently announced Trezeguet & Chiellini the ability to interact with the buyer directly via airdrops & extra rewards long after the purchase of the NFT.

Fans can see the athlete NFT’s as a form of investment that they can resell on the Blockasset marketplace; with value potentially changing in line with an athlete’s career and personal brand.

NFTs are notoriously seen as expensive purchases, Blockasset, with a fan-centric approach, will ensure that all fans can get their hands on an NFT, as the collection Tiers will be priced on rarity, therefore any fan can directly purchase a 1–1000 NFT at a reasonable price. Buyers of all NFT Tiers will be entered into competitions to win meet and greets & other prizes.

The NFT platform

The Blockasset platform is built on Solana via Metaplex. Launching July 2021, the Blockasset NFT platform will offer a unique & pioneering approach to buying, selling & trading digital collectibles. Unlike others in the NFT space, the Blockasset platform allows fans to buy verified NFTs directly from the athlete with the funds going directly into the athlete’s wallet, with no middle man taking a cut, maintaining trust, peace of mind, and a user experience second to none. Users will even be able to see the athlete’s wallet directly with their name attached!

Users simply connect to their Phantom wallet, load up the appropriate funds and purchase their NFTs. With the Phantom wallet, users can view their NFTs on a special NFT page within their wallet and browser extension.

NFT holders will be able to re-sell their NFTs on the Blockasset marketplace, enabling fans to trade with other like-minded fans in order to build their collection of NFTs.

At the heart of the Blockasset platform is an emphasis on user experience. We’ll ensure that any sports fan, with or without cryptocurrency experience, will be able to easily buy and trade NFTs on the Blockasset platform.

Here’s a sneak peek of our platform homepage!

Why we’re building on Solana

Blockasset will provide an unmatched user experience and by building on the Solana blockchain and Metaplex, we will offer unrivaled low-cost fees and fast processing times when minting NFTs. No more $70 fees!

Solana Blockchain Apps are built on Rust, one of the fastest-growing languages. For Solana, Rust solves issues of memory safety and thread concurrency.

Solana is one of the world's top blockchains, currently sitting at number 14 in Coinmarketcap listings with a total market cap of almost $10,000,000,000 (ten billion dollars).

As per the image below, Solana can process over 50,000 transactions per second with almost non-existent fees. Blockasset can ensure that newcomers to the crypto space are onboarded in a smooth, pain-free way with no worries about high fees; creating a greater chance of a user returning thanks to an optimized and unrivaled NFT purchasing experience.

Solana is a clear choice for forward-thinking NFT platforms

Introducing $BLOCK token

The ecosystem is powered by the $BLOCK token. There will be 200,000,000 $BLOCK tokens minted in total. These will be allocated to various purposes (outlined below) to build and grow the platform and power the marketplace.


$BLOCK tokens can be transferred into a staking smart contract to access NFT rewards and various other airdrops. They can also be staked to earn discounts on platform fees, reduce the list price of NFTs, boost NFT resale listings, and win VIP experiences.

NFT Yield Farming.

From time to time, Blockasset may list exclusive items and NFT drops. These will be denominated in terms of a secondary currency, the $nBLOCK token. To earn $nBLOCK tokens, holders would need to separately farm the $nBLOCK token by locking up $BLOCK tokens for a period. Users can then use $nBLOCK to purchase exclusive NFTs only available to yield farmers. These NFTs can then be re-sold on the Blockasset marketplace.


$BLOCK will also be used on the platform for governance purposes. We want fans to engage in building custom NFTs and choose their adventures. $BLOCK holders will be able to vote on the creation of new NFTs, experiences, and tiers. Various methods of blockchain-based governance will be used to make this an inclusive process. These include tools like token curated registries and lists.

The future of Blockasset

We have a number of plans in the works to attract the world's greatest athletes, whilst providing an unmatched experience for fans and a consistent use case for the $BLOCK token and its holders.

Here’s what we’re working on:

  • NFT games
  • Athlete tokenization
  • NFT event ticketing
  • Blockasset productions (Exclusive behind-the-scenes content!)
  • Live events

More information on the above will be released in due course.

The Blockasset roadmap

The Blockasset platform will go live w/c July 05 2021.



Instagram: @blockasset

Twitter: @blockassetco





▪️ Athlete NFT ecosystem ▪️ Connecting fans with athletes ▪️ Powered by Solana ▪️ Join our Telegram community

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▪️ Athlete NFT ecosystem ▪️ Connecting fans with athletes ▪️ Powered by Solana ▪️ Join our Telegram community

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