3 min readDec 13, 2023

Blockasset Community, BlockSix 2.0 is here…

and we’re launching with a new league — La Liga.

As we gear up for a range of new products, announcements, and partnerships in the pipeline, we’ve been busy fine-tuning our platform to make your experience smoother, more exciting, and rewarding. Here’s what you can look forward to with BlockSix 2.0:

Effortless Entry into the Web3 World

Easy Web3 Onboarding: New to BlockSix? Just sign up with your email and we set up a web3 custodial wallet for you.

No tech hassles, no 12 words, just straight into web3.

This means we’ve removed clear web3 pain points as every new user is effortlessly onboarded into the ecosystem.

One-Time Login: Once you’re in, you’re in for good. No need to keep adding your email every time you want to play. Log in, make your picks, and you’re all set.

More Than Just a Game

We’re giving users more than just the $25k grand prize per game to play for…

Leaderboards & Prizes: Leaderboards you can filter by sport or league. Climb up the ranks, earn points, and keep an eye on the prizes we’ll be dropping ready to redeem.

Prize Store: Coming in January 2024. Event tickets, signed goods, Blockasset clothing, and $BLOCK are all available to win.

Live Picks and Performance Tracking

Live Picks: All live action, all in one place. When you’re logged in, you’ll see your picks for ongoing events, in real-time. We will also email your pick receipt and results for consistent tracking.

Performance Charts: Dive into your pick history, chart your last 5 performances, and track your overall stats. Play smart.

Stats at Your Fingertips: Check out ‘My Picks’ to track your performance, see your past picks, and get a snapshot of your last 5 games. It’s all about strategizing for your next big win.

What Else is New?

Redesigned Layout: We’ve given BlockSix a fresh look for smoother navigation.

Picks Home Tab: Jump straight into the game from the ‘Picks Home’ tab — choose your sport, make your picks, easy as that.

La Liga: It was only right we launched BlockSix with a new league, one of the most watched in the world - La Liga.

We’re not just updating a game here; we’re laying the foundations for something bigger, that's about to change the way you engage with sports and web3.

2024 will be a big one.