Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 13/02/23

3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Welcome back to your weekly update on all things Blockasset. There’s plenty of updates to get through this week, courtesy of our Product, Media and Marketing teams… so here it goes:

The main focus for the marketing team this month is our ongoing $BLOCK Growth Campaign, where we’re aiming to raise awareness of $BLOCK and educate new users about our ecosystem.

We’re releasing a fresh piece of content each day throughout February, specifically to promote $BLOCK, and we’re using this content to target followers of similar projects. As revealed in last week’s newsletter, we will have a major partnership announcement to make later this month — so keep up the great work you have been doing in terms of supporting our content across social media (links at the bottom of this article).

You’ll have also noticed the return of our weekly ‘Fireside Chats’ Twitter Spaces events. Last week, we were joined by Brazilian UFC prospect Caio Borralho. If you missed it first time out, you can catch up here:

We’ll be announcing this week’s guest shortly… just make sure you free up your diary for 6pm GMT on Thursday. You won’t regret it!

Talking of returns… Block Six was back at the weekend for UFC 284. Unfortunately, there were no winners of the $5,000 in $BLOCK prize pool — but thank you to everyone who took part. Watch out for a new, improved Block Six experience coming your way very soon!

Finally, in terms of marketing, we’re putting extra focus on improving our organic search traffic right now. We have a strong brand, and links to over 40 elite athletes — so SEO is a huge opportunity for us to grow. We’ll be launching a news section on our website very soon — so feel free to drop any content requests or ideas into the Discord.

On the subject of athletes, our Media team has just touched down in Thailand to shoot some content. You’ll have probably noticed that there’s a large contingent of Blockasset athletes out in Thailand on a training camp at the moment. So… get ready for some epic athlete content coming your way very soon!

Product-wise, our athlete token MVP platform is shaping up very nicely. To be honest, it’s a total game changer and we cannot wait to share it with you and our athletes. You’ll start to see some glimpses of the UX/UI through other product releases soon — such as a new and vastly improved homepage coming your way in the next couple of weeks.

So, that’s a wrap for this week’s updates. Thanks, as always, for your support — and remember to set your notifications for all of our social media channels. We have some big news coming your way this month, and you’ll want to be the first to hear it!