Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 12/12/22

3 min readDec 12, 2022

With the launch of our new staking platform, tons of $BLOCK burned during our ongoing World Cup Burn Event and a dramatic UFC 282, week 49 of 2022 was another busy one for Blockasset.

New staking platform

On Wednesday last week (07/12), our Product team released our new staking platform with a new rewards structure for $BLOCK holders and NFT holders.

Users can now stake their $BLOCK in one of three different pools.

Rewards from 12–24% APR are available, depending on the duration of the lock-up. Users can still have the flexibility of no minimum lock-up period if they prefer, with users committing to 12 months of staking maximising their ROI.

In addition to $BLOCK staking, the new platform allows NFT holders to get $ASSET rewards for their NFTs.

As well as providing a far better user experience, the new staking platform will reduce $BLOCK emissions by approximately 80% — which is great news for the sustainability and long term health of Blockasset.

The new staking platform has been well-received by our community, with over 1.8m $BLOCK staked in the 12 month lock-up pool, just a matter of days after launch.

At the time of publishing, 13.88% of the total circulation of $BLOCK is now locked in our new staking pools — that’s roughly 11.8m $BLOCK in total.

14,388 Blockasset NFTs have also been staked on the new platform so far.

With Legends set staking to be introduced to the new platform imminently — the first such functionality of its kind — set holders will soon be able to reap new rewards thanks to our innovative new platform.

World Cup Burn Event

With the FIFA World Cup now reaching the semi-final stage, we have reached the final week of our BLAZE World Cup Burn Event.

So far, we have burned 72,000 $BLOCK throughout the World Cup (31,800 $BLOCK on our UFC 282/World Cup combos over the weekend) and with just four games remaining, 100,000 $BLOCK is in sight.

In total 40,000 $BLOCK in prizes has been won by users — so make sure you check BLAZE now and get involved for the semi finals!

You can also win one of two 1/53 special edition Wayne Rooney digital collectibles by participating in our World Cup prediction challenge. As well as receiving this rare item, holders of the special edition Rooneys will also receive 270 $BLOCK in rewards for England’s performances at the World Cup. You can find out more on the Main Announcements channel on Discord here — but, be quick, entries close at 7pm UTC tomorrow (Tuesday 13 December).

UFC 282

Our free-to-play UFC prediction game, Block Six, returned for UFC 282, with 100s of users hoping to get a share of our $2,000 in $BLOCK prize pool.

On what turned out to be a fairly unpredictable night of action, nobody managed to get more than two predictions correct.

But fear not, Block Six will be back for the next UFC numbered event in the New Year, when a number of Blockasset athletes take to the Octagon in Rio de Janeiro at UFC 283. How good is that event going to be!?

There will still be plenty of opportunities for MMA fans to engage with Blockasset in the meantime. Following the success of our UFC 282 BLAZE listings last weekend, we’ll be lighting more fire pits ahead of this Saturday’s UFC Fight Night event in Las Vegas — so stay tuned for our Discord announcements!