Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 07/11/22

Blockasset Legends: One year anniversary special.

Can you believe it has been a year, already?

12 months ago, five sporting legends lit up Times Square in New York City thanks to the launch of our Blockasset Legends NFT collection.

Our first collaboration with Dosbrak soon became the highest-grossing sports NFT drop on Solana — so, we think it’s only right to have a celebration on the first anniversary!

The team has put together a stacked week of activities, including community events, offers and promotions, giveaways and more 👀

So, let’s run through what we have planned for this week…

Before we get into the daily activities, there’s a couple of BIG promotions for both existing and new Legends holders to participate in this week.

Any Legends NFT that is purchased between 7–11 November (and listed before the 7th) is eligible for a 365 $BLOCK bonus. Simply buy your Legend on our marketplace and use our new staking portal to lock your new NFT up for a minimum of 90 days, and you’ll get your first 65 $BLOCK reward. Keep your NFT staked beyond this period, and we’ll add another 65 $BLOCK reward on 30 day intervals, until we get to 210 days and round your reward up to 365 $BLOCK.

You can check out the full T&Cs for this promotion here.

Visit our Legends Marketplace here!

There has never been a better time to complete your Legends set! Every Legends set purchased between 7–11 November and then staked for a minimum period of 180 days will be entered into a prize draw. If we hit 30 sets sold during the week, the following list of prizes will be unlocked for 30 random winners:

5x Dosbrak Bandanas
4x 30k ASSET
1x 100K ASSET
4x 250$ in $BLOCK
1x 500$ in $BLOCK
5x Print on demand signed by Dosbrak
5x NFT Picks
1x Ultra rare USYK (Top 10)
1x BA Merch pack
1x Signed merch by each Legend

We will also add three Mystery prizes if we reach 50 sets sold during the week.

Click here to buy a Blockasset Legends Set!

Blockasset Discounted Raise — For Legends Set Holders

We are gearing towards a $5m raise over the coming months. As part of the process, following internal discussions, we wanted to give our most loyal community members a chance to participate and invest at the lowest possible valuation and gain an edge on future investors into the project.

After consultation with our blockchain lawyers we have decided to open up an allocation for Legends set holders for a limited time, to mark the First Anniversary of the Legends mint. We are looking to reward interested individuals with a discount of 1% per set that is held up to a maximum of 30 sets.

There will be a Term Sheet and a SAFE note that will be emailed to all those who have shown interest and completed the initial form. Those who are happy with the terms will be able to sign the SAFE and confirm their allocation.

Our Discord community has been actively showing interest during the past week and we are now inviting anyone who has a set of Legends to come and participate. If you’re yet to complete your set then now is the perfect time!

If you are a set holder and are interested in this unique opportunity, you have until 9pm UTC on Wednesday 9 November to submit your interest;

Whilst we’re on the subject of sets, we have some news regarding Legends set staking. Soon, you’ll be able to stake your Legends sets to unlock enhanced staking rewards, with three staking pools available to set holders. These pools will range from 0 days minimum lock-up up to 180 days minimum lock-up, with rewards of up to 8 $BLOCK per day, based on rarities.

Join our Discord to get further information on Legends Set Staking later this week.

Make sure you keep an eye on our social channels (links below), as we’re dedicating each day to a Blockasset Legend, starting with Jonah Lomu today and rounding things off with Muhammad Ali on Friday — we’ll have plenty of surprises and giveaways throughout the week.

Alex Pereira

Besides the Legends Anniversary Event, we have more huge news!

Last week, we launched our first athlete store with Alex Pereira

This is obviously a massive week for POATAN, with Saturday’s UFC 281 title fight against Israel Adesanya fast approaching. You can now support Pereira by buying exclusive merchandise, experiences, signed memorabilia and more.

The store is an early iteration of what will soon become part of our athlete token platform, where users will be able to trade athlete tokens for exclusive items and experiences linked to their favourite athletes.

We’re using this ‘soft launch’ of the store to satisfy demand we have seen, in particular from our Brazilian community, and help with the onboarding and transition of Web2 users into our ecosystem.

Since announcing Alex Pereira as a Blockasset athlete, we have seen hundreds of new users register for our mailing list, with the hope of winning a signed POATAN glove, with these new users — and the new users coming through the store, we plan to run a campaign to educate them on $BLOCK and athlete tokens with a seamless onboarding experience.

Any fans who purchase an Alex Pereira experience from the store will also be guaranteed an opportunity to purchase POATAN’s fan token at pre sale.

Click here to visit the store.

$BLOCK Super Six UFC 281

On the subject of UFC 281… we’re going to be back with our $BLOCK Super Six game, and thanks to the success of our first edition at UFC 280, we’re now doubling the prize pool to $2,000 in $BLOCK.

The game for this weekend will be launching on Thursday — so be sure to keep a look on Discord, your email inbox and our social channels for the entry link.



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