Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 05/12/22

With the ongoing World Cup Burn Event on Blaze, imminent Staking Platform release and upcoming UFC 282 show, this is shaping up to be another huge week for Blockasset.

BLAZE: World Cup Burn Event

With the knockout rounds of the 2022 FIFA World Cup well underway, you could be forgiven for missing our BLAZE burn event — which, after some testing last week — officially began on Saturday.

So far, 23,000 $BLOCK and 21,000 $ASSET has been burned, with holders securing 40,000 $BLOCK and 18,000 $ASSET in rewards.

What is the BLAZE World Cup Burn Event?

For every game played between now and the end of the FIFA World Cup, we will list event outcomes on our BLAZE platform as NFTs. Similar to betting, if you think there is a strong likelihood of that event outcome happening, you can burn your $BLOCK or $ASSET tokens in exchange for the NFT. If that event outcome does happen, then you’ll receive rewards.

Here are some examples of the events we have available on BLAZE for tomorrow’s FIFA World Cup matches.


Let’s take tomorrow’s FIFA World Cup fixtures for example.

An enhanced double NFT is currently listed on our BLAZE platform, for Spain and Portugal to both win their matches (in 90 minutes).

NFTs are available for this event outcome in the following denominations: 200 $BLOCK, 400 $BLOCK, 600 $BLOCK, 800 $BLOCK, 1000 $BLOCK and 5000 $BLOCK.

If you strongly believe that Portugal will beat Switzerland and Spain will beat Morocco, then you can purchase the 5000 $BLOCK option.

If Spain and Portugal both win (in 90 minutes) then your 5000 $BLOCK will be multiplied by our enhanced price of the probability of that outcome happening. In this case, we have doubled the best price we could see from a traditional bookmaker at 6.00. Meaning that your 5000 $BLOCK is burned, and you’ll be rewarded with 30,000 $BLOCK.

Check out our current BLAZE listings ahead of tomorrow’s matches.

If you have any questions or need any help, then feel free to use the Live Chat option on our website, or join our Discord here.

Note that we’re planning to service requests from the Quarter Finals onwards.

So, if you think that Lionel Messi will score against the Netherlands on Friday, Luuk de Jong will pick up a yellow card and both teams will score then you can request this event in our Discord, and subject to terms and conditions, we will create the listing for you in BLAZE.

Free Play offer

Any new $BLOCK purchases on Crossmint between now and the end of the FIFA World Cup will be eligible for a free play during our BLAZE World Cup Burn Event.

How this works:

  1. Buy a $BLOCK NFT on our homepage through Crossmint.
  • If you buy a $100 NFT, you’ll receive one free play of up to 400 $BLOCK.
  • If you buy a $1000 NFT, you’ll receive one free play of up to 600 $BLOCK.
  • If you buy a $2000 NFT, you’ll receive one free play of up to 1000 $BLOCK.

2. Select an event on BLAZE that you’d like to choose as your Free Play. Burn your $BLOCK using the same wallet as the one you used to buy your $BLOCK NFT.

3. We will airdrop you the amount of $BLOCK that you used to burn on BLAZE to claim your free play (up to 400 $BLOCK if you purchased a $100 NFT, 600 $BLOCK if you purchased a $1000 NFT and 1000 $BLOCK if you got a $2000 NFT)

Secure your free play by buying $BLOCK here.

UFC 282

The final UFC PPV event of 2022 is happening on Saturday at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas — and two Blockasset athletes are set to face off in the Octagon.

Our Media Team is out in Sin City following the preparations of Darren Till, who makes his much-anticipated return to the Octagon, having been inactive since September 2021.

We’ll have plenty of epic content to share later this week, which will be sure to go down well with Smesh Bros. fans!

Till takes on South Africa’s Dricus Du Plessis in Saturday’s Middleweight bout, which will be featured in our next edition of our popular, free-to-play UFC predictions game, Block Six. Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox and socials on Thursday, when Block Six 282 goes live.

Following the early signs of success from our BLAZE World Cup Burn Event, we’ll also be listing some event outcomes on Blaze ahead of UFC 282 — so MMA fans, get ready to burn some $BLOCK and $ASSET.

New Staking Platform

Aside from the ongoing work on our Athlete Token Platform, our Product Team is now very close to releasing our new staking platform.

With the platform now going through final QA testing, it is likely to be released this week.

The first such staking platform of its kind, holders will be able to select between different staking pools that offer different rewards based on longevity of lock-up periods.

Legends set holders will also be able to stake their NFTs as sets, to earn new rewards.



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