Blockasset progress update — June 22

What a few weeks we’ve had! The market is in a downturn but that’s not stopping us and our community in any way. We’ve pushed ahead and shipped on a number of promises made in our previous update. Below you can read all about what we’ve achieved and what’s coming up over the coming months ahead.

Always shipping

Here’s what we’ve pushed live since our previous update in late April.

NFT staking V2: Version 2 of NFT staking went live and now provides a seamless experience. Users can stake and un-stake multiple NFTs at once, staked NFTs will still display in your Phantom wallet, and ASSET and BLOCK rewards show up by the second!

BLOCK token staking V2: BLOCK token staking is now fixed and is seamless to use. If you have BLOCK staked in V1 please unstake and re-stake with V2. There is now no limit on the amount of BLOCK you can stake from a single wallet, and BLOCK rewards will appear on the screen by the second.

Smesh Bros artwork fixes: Dosbrak signature now showing, plus some additional artwork issues are resolved, e.g. Till Beer Hat interfering with mouth traits.

Community is King

BLOCK Party, our new sports talk show on YouTube has been a huge success since its launch in early May. World-class presenters, world-class production, and of course, world-class guests. That’s right, we don’t do things by half at BA, we brought some of the world's greatest sports stars to the BLOCK Party for our community, including:

  • Roberto Carlos
  • Oleksandr Usyk
  • Trent Alexander Arnold
  • Dana White

Check out the best moments so far!

That’s not all, during BLOCK Party we celebrated our incredible community by giving away huge prizes for those in attendance, plus some out of this world flash sales on Blockasset NFTs that’s seen the floor on both collections nearly double!

Additionally, we introduced Listen-To-Earn on our Community Podcast, with listeners earning 25 BLOCK just for tuning in. It’s been a big success so far, so expect more community incentives like this to continue in the coming weeks.

Vesting changes

As many may know we do have a token unlock for BLOCK due on June 7 2022, this means more BLOCK tokens are due to enter circulation and sent to those who participate in the token private sales.

We have made the decision to change our vesting and switch to a daily unlock for tokens with immediate effect.

The idea behind this is to create less of a harsh price impact when tokens unlock. People will claim at all different times due to the future unlock occurring daily which should not impact the price as much. The vesting will go on for the remaining vested allocation starting from the next unlock, June 7 2022 at 11.59pm GMT.

If you participated in the private sale you can claim your tokens from , simply visit this site, connect wallet and claim your tokens. Please note this is for Solana (SPL) BLOCK tokens, if you are claiming on a different chain, please wait for further updates.

*Please note* the above is only relevant to those who participated in the BLOCK token private sale in December 2021, including Legend NFT holder private sale participants. This has no impact and has nothing to do with any recent BLOCK token giveaways.

Vesting changes FAQ

Q. What is daily vesting?

A. Daily vesting means anyone in private sale will be able to claim their unlocked BLOCK tokens on a daily basis, rather than have them airdropped upfront. E.G. if you were due to get 900 BLOCK during this unlock, you will be able to redeem 900BLOCK/90days (3months average)= 10 BLOCK per day. The daily vesting will then continue for all future unlocks.

Q. How long will the claim portal stay open for?

A. The site will stay open and private sale participants can claim there until all of their tokens are unlocked. All tokens are due to finish their unlock in February 2024. If anything changes we will let you know.

Q. Can I take out my whole amount now ? Or can I claim only what I would’ve earned as a daily reward?

A. Users cannot access all tokens at once now. Tokens can only be claimed in the portal.

If you have further questions please open a support ticket in our Discord.

Roadmap reveal: what to look forward to

Here it is! The Blockasset roadmap, as revealed on our Twitter yesterday. You may note that some parts are missing, well, we didn’t want to ruin the surprise for some things we have in store, we’ll reveal these in due course.

Here’s what to expect in Q3

Usyk NFT collection: A new 2000 generative collection from Dosbrak, with profits going to charity to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The new site goes live: The Blockasset website is due an upgrade, we’re well aware, but we can promise you that what’s coming up will be the single greatest web3 site in existence. Often in UX/UI, the UX (User experience) is neglected in the web3 world, but we have a job to onboard the masses, therefore experience has been at the forefront of our new platform. Oh, and this isn’t just a homepage revamp, expect a complete site from top to bottom.

Asset Store: We’ve heard you, wen merch, wen Asset Store. But we don’t want to deliver just any old merch store, creating a store where physical and digital goods can be purchased on-chain isn’t an easy task; But the build is well underway and on track. Expect a huge launch day with a stocked store and a few surprises. Your ASSET bags are full, and your wardrobe is crying out for some Blockasset gear, we hear you. But this store will be so much more than just a place to get merch, think NFTs, experiences, memorabilia, event tickets, online learning and so much more, the possibilities are endless. So keep staking your NFTs and saving those ASSET tokens. You’ll be wishing you had more of them soon enough!

Athlete Launchpad: We’re building the go-to place for all of our future NFT mints and ATHLETE token pre-sales. Just like the rest of our site, the launchpad will be an experience not to be missed.


Here’s what to expect in Q4

NFT Marketplace: It’s been in the oven for a while, but some new tech has recently become available to us, meaning we are working on a complete redesign of the NFT Marketplace. Expect BLOCK token purchases, sniping tools and plenty more athlete NFT collections.

Athlete Hubs: A huge part of the BA Ecosystem, the Athlete Hubs are the place where athlete/fan engagement happens and where athlete token utility comes to life, this is the new era of social media. Athlete Hubs are a full social media platform, where fans can interact with each other, and with athletes, buy and sell tokens & NFTs, view exclusive media, vote on key athlete decisions and view all-athlete social media (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) in one place. And best of all, this is where you’ll be able to purchase real-life experiences with athletes, with your athlete tokens. You’ll never want to leave.

Athlete Token Trading: Athlete tokens will go live in Q4, with a number of athlete tokens going live at the same time. Athletes will compete against each other in the Athlete Marketcap and you’ll be able to spend athlete tokens on experiences, merch and much more in the athlete’s own experience store.


And 2023…

Mobile App: It’ll be worth the wait.


To conclude:

We’re building, we‘re on track and we will deliver. Be excited.

Stay frosty ✌️

Mike D — COO

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