Blockasset progress update - April 22


We’ve had a busy few weeks building behind the scenes here at Blockasset, the Smesh Bros has well and truly smeshed YouTube, reaching millions of views and cementing Blockasset as the world’s premier athlete content creator. On the back of the YouTube series' success, the Smesh Bros NFTs were released, ushering in a new era of Solana NFTs, which will soon entitle owners to athlete token rewards from token trading. Next up we will be looking to release the $BORZ and $TILL tokens, with a pre-sale coming soon.

Below you will find development summaries of each part of the ecosystem. In the lead up to the pre-sale launch we will release updates, news and quite a few surprises, so keep an eye out.

Smesh Bros NFTs

The Smesh Bros NFTs sold out and are now available on Magic Eden for secondary sales. The mint was interrupted by Solana transaction issues, despite this, we did manage to push forward and successfully complete the mint. We aimed to sell up to 1/4 of the mint to new users and we’re successful in selling almost 1/3 of the NFTs via Credit Card payments, the majority of whom we assume are first time buyers. This is a huge result for us considering Credit Card payments via CrossMint only became available to us the day before mint.

We will now be well prepared for future drops where we will aim to sell over 50% of NFTs to new users/sports fans and introduce them to NFTs and the Blockasset ecosystem and community.

Athlete Tokens

The $BORZ and $TILL tokens will be going live in a matter of weeks. Before we release the tokens we want to ensure the community is well educated on athlete tokens and of course ensure that there is utility in place immediately on launch day.

Anyone that owns a Smesh Bros NFT will receive either $BORZ or $TILL tokens upon every token transaction, for life. Full details on the token rewards will be released soon.

User Onboarding

Continuing from this we are now doubling down on education and onboarding for new users. During the Smesh Bros mint, we were inundated with messages from Smesh Bros fans who wanted to buy their first NFT and needed some guidance, going forward, everything will be in place to make the first purchase of NFT or crypto an easy task.

Introducing new users, especially sports fans, into the NFT and crypto space is no easy task, seed phrases, wallets and exchanging fiat for crypto can be a nightmare for first-timers, we’ve all been there and we know people can give up easily if it’s not a seamless and pain-free experience. Over the coming days and weeks we will be working on the following to ensure the foundations are in place for successful new user onboarding and adoption, primarily focused on sports fans and the fans of our athletes, whose numbers total tens of millions:

  • Full knowledge base with articles for every step of the onboarding process, from the basics of crypto and NFTs to setting up a wallet and buying a Legend or Smesh Bro.
  • Help widget on the Blockasset site. Users will be able to ask questions directly on our site and be directed to appropriate guides
  • Video guides from the athletes themselves. Written guides are great but fans want to hear and learn from their athletes above all else. We are working with a number of our athletes to ensure every section of the Blockasset ecosystem has a video guide, presented by an athlete. Here we will explain each page in simple terms and walk the user through everything they need to know.
  • Further video guides from the Blockasset team for more complex tasks
  • Social media posts and breakdowns of our white paper, simplifying a complex document and ensuring everyone understands the Blockasset vision.
  • We’re also finalising plans for Blockasset profiles, meaning users will be welcomed into the ecosystem in a manner they are used to on Web2 platforms via Web3 Auth, with rewards for completing onboarding; think custom NFTs for completing user onboarding!


We’re aware that our current staking solution is far from ideal, it has its issues and doesn't offer the experience that our community deserves.

Our dev team are prioritising a new staking solution that will offer us a number of exciting possibilities in the near future. We aim to have the new staking solution live in the next 2 weeks.

Please note that for the transition over to the new staking solution, we will require users to manually remove their existing tokens from staking. We’re aware that this isn’t ideal and may be time-consuming for some, but unfortunately, there is no easy solution. Don’t worry, the new staking platform will be more than worth it!

BLOCK token

The greatest utilities for BLOCK are yet to come.

Remember, all athlete tokens will be paired to BLOCK, our current roster of athletes have socials totalling over 85 million followers, over time these fans will be onboarded into the Blockasset ecosystem, to buy their favourite athlete’s token, they will need to purchase BLOCK token first. Imagine just 1% of those fans purchase $100 worth of athlete tokens via BLOCK, we’ll let you do the maths on that.

We’re working on adding BLOCK to further exchanges and increasing awareness. This is the calm before the storm.

You can buy BLOCK easily at

NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace is coming soon, we’ve had it ready for a while but we want to make sure it lives up to our high standards before we release the final version to the public. Our community deserves a marketplace that is unique to Blockasset, with our own features and UX that set the marketplace apart from others. Keep an eye on socials and Discord for sneak peeks and release info.

Having our own marketplace will provide additional liquidity, as newly onboarded users will have an immediate market where they can buy and sell NFTs.

New homepage

The home page represents Blockasset more than any other on our site, it’s where new users visit to explore Blockasset for the first time. Our existing home page does not fully represent who we are as a brand or accurately portray our vision. We’ve been working hard to create a new home page and we’re expecting this to be ready in the next 2 weeks or so.

White Paper

Our new white paper is now live. If you haven’t had a read then you’re missing out, the WP explains the full Blockasset vision and will have you savouring your BLOCK tokens and NFTs like never before in excitement for what’s coming up!

Asset Store

We know the community has been collecting their $ASSET in preparation for the Asset Store, which is still in the works. We can’t give any time frames as things stand, but it is high on our priority list. You’ll soon be able to spend your NFT staking rewards on unique items, experiences and merch. We’ll be dropping some teasers on socials very soon.


Our next marketing campaign will be focused on:

  • User onboarding & education
  • BLOCK token benefits
  • $BORZ & $TILL token pre-sale

We’re eager to get the community involved, so keep an eye on our Discord and Twitter where we’ll be running giveaways, Twitter Spaces, AMAs and more.

Legends NFTs

The Legends, our genesis collection is primed to benefit from our continued growth. As we know, Smesh Bros brought thousands of new eyes to the project, and this has had an impact on the Legends Collection, with the number of individual holders rising.

We’re looking to bring in additional utility on top of the existing perks of mint whitelists and discounts, we’re on a mission to become the biggest sports and athlete Web3 platform in the world, and Legends holders are well placed to benefit in the long term. New utilities may take time, but what we have planned will be worth the wait.

To conclude:

Everything is on track for the above, and we are working on a few extra surprises (as always!) for Q2. We look forward to sharing these surprises and teasers with you in the lead up to $BORZ and $TILL token launches.

Stay frosty ✌️

Mike D - COO

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