Blockasset pays tribute to Brazilian MMA stars with ‘Lutadores’ digital collectible range.

6 min readJan 12, 2023
Brazillian UFC stars (L-R) Glover Teixeira, Gilbert Burns, Gregory Rodrigues and Deiveson Figueiredo have teamed up with Blockasset to launch the Lutadores digital trading card collection.

Thursday 12 January, 2023.
17:00, Rio de Janeiro.

Four of Brazil’s largest UFC stars are set to release their own exclusive digital collectibles in collaboration with Web3 sports organisation, Blockasset.

Ahead of their fights at UFC 283, Gilbert Burns, Deiveson Figueiredo, Gregory Rodrigues and Glover Teixeira will each release their own collection of 500 collectibles to commemorate the first numbered UFC event in Brazil since 2019.

The Blockasset ‘Lutadores’ collection was created by the same designer of Blockasset’s Leon Edwards performance-based trading card collection, which sold out on release in August 2022.

Named ‘Lutadores’, the Portuguese word for fighters, the collection will allow fans to access a number of digital and physical utilities, such as:

  • Priority access for their chosen athlete’s fan token launch
  • 5–10 $ASSET tokens per day based on rarity, to be used to redeem athlete memorabilia, merchandise and experiences. The rarer your card, the higher the rewards.
  • Access to raffles on Blockasset’s BLAZE platform, where each athlete will list a private 1-on-1 training session.
  • Plus, a final— yet to be revealed — utility for Lutadores set holders (collectors who hold all four Lutadores athletes) will be announced soon.

The collection will also be eligible for further utilities in the future, linked to Blockasset’s full platform launch, unlocking further rewards for Lutadores collectors.

All four of the participating athletes are scheduled to compete at Jeunesse Arena, Rio de Janeiro on January 21, with Figueiredo and Teixeira competing in UFC Championship bouts.

Christian Boyle, Blockasset Creative Director said, “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with four of our legendary Brazilian athletes for ‘Lutadores’. Blockasset has already grown a large community in Brazil, so it feels natural to be announcing our latest collection here in Rio de Janeiro ahead of a very exciting UFC event.”

UFC Welterweight Gilbert Burns added, “Blockasset has done a great job to connect athletes with fans throughout previous initiatives, and I’m looking forward to being closer to my fans with the release of my Lutadores collectibles”.

Fans and collectors are encouraged to click here to find out more about the Lutadores collection.

On Thursday 19th January at 4pm UTC, Lutadores collectors will be invited to mint their packs, which will contain a random card featuring one of their favourite Brazilian UFC athletes.

Holders of Lutadores collectibles can then send their digital cards on training camps, using Blockasset’s new staking platform. When the Lutadores items are locked in training camps, holders will be rewarded with daily $ASSET rewards, which can be used to redeem official verified items linked to their favourite athletes.

Ahead of his Light Heavyweight title fight against Jamahal Hill, Glover Teixeira said, “This is an exciting opportunity for me to reward my fans for their support throughout my career. I’ll be doing everything I can to win the UFC belt again on the 21st, and I hope that my Lutadores collection serves as a memento of a special night for MMA in Brazil.”

Deiveson Figueiredo, who is preparing to take on Brandon Moreno for the Flyweight Championship in the UFC’s first every quadrilogy fight, said, “It has been great to see Blockasset evolve since announcing our partnership last January, and I’m really looking forward to sharing my Lutadores collectibles with my fans and connecting with them like never before”.

Have a question about the Lutadores digital collectibles range? Please read our FAQ below:

Q: What is the ‘Lutadores’ collection?

A: ‘Lutadores’ is an NFT collection featuring four Brazilian MMA superstars from our athlete roster. The athletes featured in the collection are Gilbert Burns, Deiveson Figueiredo, Gregory Rodrigues and Glover Teixeira.

‘Lutadores’ is a Portuguese word, which translates to ‘fighters’ in English.

Q: What is the collection size?

A: ‘Lutadores’’ is a collection of 2,000 (500 per athlete)

Q: What is the public mint price?

A: $25. Users can pay with USDC, ETH or Visa and Mastercard with Apple Pay support.

Q: Are Legends set holders eligible for a discount?

A: Yes, Legends set holders are eligible for a 25% discount on the mint and are able to mint as many as they would like to at the discounted price (1 discounted mint per Legends set held).

Q: Can I choose which fighter I mint?

A: Like opening a traditional trading card pack, the excitement of the opening is everything. To recreate the nostalgic feeling of trading cards the drop is a candy machine meaning that the athlete that you mint is generated at random. You will be able to trade your NFTs on marketplaces post mint.

Q: Where can I mint?

A: The mint will take place within the Blockasset platform with a dedicated landing page to the ‘Lutadores’ collection.

Q: When can I mint?

A: The ‘Lutadores’ mint will start at 16:00 UTC on Thursday 19th January, 2023.

Q: Will there be any pre-sales or whitelists?

A: No. We wanted to create a community event in advance of a very exciting UFC 283. Our aim is to welcome many new users to our growing community and onboard new users into our ecosystem (having people download Phantom, buy their first digital collectibles on Solana chain, use our staking platform for the first time, claim $ASSET rewards and use their $ASSET on our BLAZE platform).

Q: Why is the wallet app on my phone not connecting to the minting page?

A: Please ensure that you use the browser inside the wallet app on your phone (we recommend Phantom and Phantom’s built-in browser) as wallet apps often have trouble connecting to external browsers like Chrome/Safari. We also recommend using the Phantom desktop app for the ultimate experience.

Q: Which blockchain will the collection be minted on?

A: Solana. However, you can pay with Ethereum, Visa and Mastercard with Apple Pay and Google pay support for the quickest and easiest minting experience.

Q: Which artist was used for the ‘Lutadores’ collection?

A: For ‘Lutadores’, the Blockasset creatives have developed the full product design in-house. The same guys behind the artwork for the Leon Edwards performance-based NFT collection which launched and sold out in August 2022.

Members of the Blockasset creative team have been commissioned by huge music artists such as Camelphat to create album artwork and 3D visuals during live performances. They are top of the game.

Q: If I have one of each of the athletes in the ‘Lutadores’ collection, is that considered a set? (Similar to Legends sets)

Yes. However, a ‘Lutadores’ set does not possess the same utility as a Legends set.

Q: What is the utility of this collection? Will we be able to stake these NFTs? What are the staking rewards?

A: With our new outlook on providing more listings within Blaze on ASSET, users will be able to stake their NFTs for a 5–10 ASSET reward based on rarity.

Q: What can I do with the $ASSET tokens that will be emitted from these NFTs?

A: You can use the $ASSET on — Here you can burn $ASSET to win NFTs, official signed memorabilia, merchandise and more. The Blaze platform will see some strong improvements over the coming months with new features the community will love.

Q: What secondary markets will the ‘Lutadores’ collection be listed on?

A: The collection will be listed on secondary markets such as Magic Eden & OpenSea. We recommend that you join our Discord, to be notified of official links to secondary marketplaces post mint.

Q: How will the ranking/rarity work for the ‘Lutadores’ Collection?

A: The ranking and rarities will be structured into tiers.

There will be 500 pieces per athlete with the ranking/rarities as follows:

Rank 1–25 (Emerald)
Rank 26–100 (Gold)
Rank 101–250 (Silver)
Rank 251–500 (Carbon)

Have any further questions? Feel free to speak to one of our customer service agents, using the live chat function on our website, or you can join our Discord here.