Blockasset brings blockchain communities together in a bid to raise funds for the Usyk Foundation.

August is a big month for the Blockasset team & community as we plan to achieve a world-first by creating a cross-chain charity NFT release, in collaboration with World Heavyweight boxing Champion, Oleksandr Usyk.

The objective of the Usyk NFT drop is to raise funds for the Usyk Foundation for Ukraine. To achieve this we are looking to facilitate other blockchain networks in the campaign prior to Usyk’s World title defence against Anthony Joshua on August 20.

A selection of Dosbrak’s artwork for the Usyk collection

Designed by world-renowned artist Dosbrak, Usyk’s digital art collection articulates standout moments from his undefeated professional career, with glimpses of the Ukrainian’s infectious character and love for his home country. Each piece will contain randomly generated artwork, ensuring that each holder’s NFT is completely unique and one of a kind.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming bout, Usyk said, “I appreciate the opportunity to link up with Blockasset, who I regard as the Heavyweight Champions of sports NFTs. I’m a big fan of Dosbrak’s art, and it has been a pleasure to collaborate on this initiative, which I am sure will raise a considerable amount for our foundation.”

Blockasset CEO, Paul Evans said, “We’re delighted to be able to help Oleksandr raise funds for the Usyk Foundation through our latest drop. We’re very confident that by bringing blockchain communities together, we can make a substantial contribution”.

Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Usyk in training ahead of his title bout vs Anthony Joshua this August

The Usyk Foundation is a charitable foundation created by World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Oleksandr Usyk. The charity was founded in May 2022 to help the people of Ukraine left homeless, out of work, and without the most essential things.

The Usyk Foundation exists to cover the basic needs of the people affected by the war and is a partner of the BGV Charity Fund.

A number of exclusive physical items, such as signed original Dosbrak prints and autographed Oleksandr Usyk gloves will be awarded to holders of the rarest NFTs from the mint.

Pre-sale for the Usyk Solana NFT collection will go live Wednesday 17th August 12:00 UTC.

For more information please read our FAQ below.

Q: When will presales start?

A: Saturday 30th July 2022. We’ll drop the pre-sale link on our social channels at this time.

Q: If I buy at pre-sale, when and how do I get my NFT?

A: If you’re paying with Crossmint Prepay with a debit/credit card, your email address will be whitelisted, and receive your NFT on mint day.

If you’re paying with USDC on the Solana blockchain you will be airdropped a mint token to be used on the mint day.

Q: When is the Usyk NFT mint?
A: The Usyk Art Collection will mint August 17th. Presale and Prepay of the NFTs will be available from Friday 29th July onwards with Crossmint fiat options VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and via crypto USDC.

Q: Which blockchain will the Usyk NFTs be minted on?
A: The first 2000 editions of the collection will be minted on Solana.

Q: What will be the total number of NFTs minted?
A: There will be 2000 editions of Dosbrak’s generative artwork per chain.

Q: What is the full price of the mint?
A: $200 / 200USDC available to pay with Crypto, Credit, and Debit Card, Apple Pay.

Q: On what platform will the mint take place?
A: The mint will take place on the Blockasset platform, potentially in partnership with launchpads. The link for the mint page will be provided closer to the mint date.

Q: What secondary markets will the Usyk NFTs be listed on?

A: The verified collection of Usyk NFTs will be listed on secondary marketplaces such as Magic Eden and OpenSea. Official links for secondary marketplaces will be provided after mint.

Q: What utility does the NFT Collection have?

A: The collection is a digital art collection to commemorate support of the Usyk Foundation’s humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. The artist, Dosbrak is a world-renowned artist famous for his unique style. He has created official art collections with the likes of Muhammad Ali and collaborated with and/or been commissioned by Joe Rogan, Conor McGregor, UFC, ESPN, Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury. NFTs purchased on the Solana blockchain will emit $ASSET reward tokens which can be used to redeem athlete experiences and other benefits within the Blockasset ecosystem.

Q: Why is the mint cross-chain?

A: We made the decision to take the collection cross-chain to remove any barriers for users and collectors wanting to be involved in the collection. It’s an opportunity to raise more for the Usyk Foundation and bring the NFT and crypto communities together for a cause likely to gain a lot of positive exposure for blockchain in general.

Q: How many NFTs can I purchase?

A: For pre-sale, users can mint a maximum of 4 NFTs at one time. Once the mint is live, you can mint as many as you like.

If you have any additional questions please head to our Discord and raise a support ticket.

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