BLOCK token unlock Sept ’22

BLOCK tokens for private sale participants will be available for daily unlocks as of September 6th 2022, please read below for updates and instructions on how to claim your tokens.

BLOCK token has been live for 10 months and is going strong despite the market conditions. Here’s what we’re working on and how it affects you as a token holder:

Athlete social tokens

We plan to launch our first official athlete tokens this year. All athlete tokens will be paired with BLOCK, this means for any fan to access the athlete token of their choice, they’ll need to purchase BLOCK first. Our athlete roster boasts a collective following of over 135 million people and when new fans join Blockasset, they’ll be purchasing BLOCK tokens first and foremost.


Fans will initially be able to access tokens and NFTs via our launchpad.

BLOCK token stakers will have priority access to athlete tokens before they launch, users will need to stake (lock up) their tokens to gain early access, which means more tokens are locked up and then more purchased in order to buy athlete tokens for the pre-sales.

BLOCK tokens from the pre-sales will then be locked up and paired with the athlete token forever to provide initial liquidity.

Additionally, we recently announced that all of our performance-based NFTs will be minted in BLOCK; for our current roster of athletes that’s over 25,000 NFTs sold in BLOCK token, we’ll let you do the math on the potential volume we can anticipate, and we’re signing new athletes to the platform every month.

Athlete Store

Fans will soon be able to purchase official and licenced experiences, apparel, memorabilia and digital items from an athlete in BLOCK, ASSET & ATHLETE tokens on our athlete store.

Our goal for BLOCK is simple, adoption paired with deflation. As users come into the ecosystem via BLOCK, we will ensure tokens are locked up or burned via different mechanisms.

Our full product will launch in Q4 this year, this includes user profiles, athlete social feeds and an unmatched user onboarding experience for sports fans.

BLOCK token is still in its infancy, and will soon begin to unleash its potential with utility and a product launch this year.

In case you missed it, you can now purchase BLOCK via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit & Debit card on our home page, and it only takes 2 minutes to complete. Alternatively, you can buy BLOCK from our swap page, Pancake Swap and

Claim your tokens

As a private sale participant, you can now claim your tokens from, simply connect your Solana wallet and claim your tokens. We have moved to a daily unlock schedule, this ensures the tokens are released at a steady rate, you can claim your tokens from the Magna portal on a daily basis.

Remember to stake your tokens for 30% APR on our token staking portal.

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