$BLOCK Growth Campaign: February 2023

2 min readFeb 1, 2023


With the launch of our MVP platform fast approaching, we’ll be using February 2023 to run a month-long awareness campaign for $BLOCK.

The next four weeks will be packed with new product announcements, new partnerships and educational content to welcome new users to our ecosystem.

We’ll be targeting similar projects and sports fans to widen our own community and grow the number of $BLOCK holders before we launch our MVP platform in late Q1/early Q2 2023.

We announced the month-long $BLOCK campaign yesterday, with a $1,000 in $BLOCK giveaway on Twitter, and we’ll continue to provide daily content to help spread the word on $BLOCK and the central role it plays within our widening ecosystem.

Whilst we can look back and celebrate several sold-out NFT drops, as well as successful and innovative product launches, this February is all about looking forward and highlighting the strong opportunity and utilities that $BLOCK provides to its holders.

With the release of our MVP Athlete Token platform, $BLOCK holders will be able to access enhanced utility such as:

- Priority access to Athlete Token IDOs

- Direct access to their favourite athletes via Athlete Tokens

- Find all their favourite athletes’ content in one place

- Staking rewards via our V2 staking platform

As well as the utilities that are outlined above, we are having ongoing conversations about additional use cases for $BLOCK, including a new approach to sports betting.

2023 is the year of the athlete token, and $BLOCK is at the forefront of this evolution of fan engagement.

You can buy $BLOCK using our swap tool here, whilst $BLOCK is also available on the following exchanges: Gate.io, Raydium, Jupiter.